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About us

56 STUFF is an international creative community and a record label.

Since 1998 we are organizing events, release and distribute for free CDs, tell about creative people, in short, give our lives to art.

The name '56 STUFF' means 'fifty six and stuff'. It just so happened that the initial activities of the founders of our creative community all revolved around this particular number. These days its meaning only matters in a historical context.

All the artwork on this site is presented with its authors' permission. If you intend to somehow use any of it we recommend you to contact us first. Use this e-mail address: all4you {at} 56stuff.ru.


If you want to know more about our authors, visit the 'authors' section. In order to become one of them, you just have to be a genius and get in touch with us.

This is how our logo looks like. Whatever purposes you may need it for let us know and we will send it to you in a preferable format.

If you are an art director, a gallery worker, a cultural program curator, a promoter or a journalist take a look at our flash presentation. It may help you to understand how exactly we may work together.


We sincerely thank everyone who ever helped us (in random order):

well_well_well | Alexander Velikoselsky | Irina Lysenko | Ekaterina Sergeeva | Elizaveta Krylova | heproton | Darya (Art-Gid.ru) | ark and Alina | Mikhail Potemkin | Leila Azizbaeva | Natasha Zalozina | Bu33a | Kirill Chichaev | Kap6uK | "Sekondhand", stuffmakers | Xenia Benevalenskaya | Dmitry Slyusarchuk | "Osobnyak" theatre, St-Petersburg | Vishka | Kvarik | DJ Garys aka Sergeon | Alexandra Pavlova | Soii | Edd Kumpel | Natalya Gladysheva | Dipdowel | dzokonda | Barbara Duarte | Alisa Rivkind | Reiner Shternfeld | dzijcza | Irishka Babitch aka kit | Sergey Philippovsky | Mansur Saifutdinov | Xenia Kamikaza | Sergey Ammalainen | Sheinina Svetlana | Kharitonov Alexey | Konstantin Komarov | Sergey Gavrilov | Taisia Kosova | Alexander Gogun | Artem Potar | Sergey Anohin | Yulia Lyashova | Alexander Malkov | Sergey Vladilenovitch Danilov | Artem Dudin | Stanislav alf | Vlad Azarov | Nadezhda Eritsyan | Andrey Musatov | Irina Ladygina | Olesya Naimuk | anna_karenina | organ_donor | altert | Pavel Borisov | Olesya Zalozina | Elena Panfilova | Anna Gorokhova | and everyone who we accidentally and unintentionally forgot to mention


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