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Digital One (D1)

D1 is known to general public as composer, performer, DJ, promoter, as well as the leader of "8bit". Mostly interested in techno music, he started his career on Novosibirsk electronic scene as a DJ. Being initially engaged in independent musical projects, Digital One, however, has more experience than performing on closed underground parties and Siberian festivals of art. In 2004 he got to Moscow club scene and, later that year, to the annual Berlin electronic music festival “Clubtransmediale”. Not only 8bit performed there successfully, their track got released on the festival compilation.

At this time D1 is bending every effort to secure his success on international scene. Now it becomes possible due to the interest that foreign musicians and producers are showing in his work.

One of his most positive features is a sincere interest in wide variety of music – D1’s style limits are difficult to determine by any other word than experimental. Now he carries on two projects, working with "8bit", and recently launched post-hip-hop project called "Echo Depth Finders". The latter successfully performed on November 2004 on the festival “Progress 04” in Ljubljana. Echo Depth Finder’s debut album is finished, and is waiting for the results of the negotiations with potential publishers.


v/a "Clubtransmediale 04" (2004)
(8 bit "Satzudisja!")
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v/a "Different listening 2" (2004)
(8 bit "Haywadana")
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v/a "Progress 04" (2004)
(Echo Depth Finders "Happy to be Blind")

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