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Location: Murmansk

Participants: Sergey Bakanev and friends

Mombus & Bacillus Orchestra are based in Murmansk, northwestern Russia, and revolve around the central core of Mombus, a former member of the cult art-group Strange Breams.

The following people have played on a Bacillus Orchestra recordings: bassist and guitarist Andrew Voronov, MC and balalaika-player Seva Smokemaker, guitarist Paul Zabelin aka DJ Funkystein, accordionist Alexander Pshenichny, bassist Igor Podolny, synthplayer Konstantin Zubarev, guitarist Konstantin Sinev, MC Mahatma miniVadia, folksinger Mary Nemedlya.

In their recordings and live performances over the last three years, Mombus have used the sounds of: vargan, balalaika, electric and acoustic guitars, human and seagull voices, cello, contrabass, Roland XP-10, Roland MC-303, ocean noises, stuff plopping, Korg MS-2000R, Yamaha DX-200, crab clickings, analog soviet synth Polyvox, EMU-E5000, analog soviet synth Ritm-2, Reactor & Absynth Native Instruments, the pages of books turning, scratches of a vinyl record, sounds of TV, radio and video, insects, beer and champaign hissing and popping, grass and leafs rustles, phone and radio talks, knocking of broken hard drive, acoustic drums and bongos, flutes and ocarina, female cat purr.

Mombus' tracks was released on many different compilations (labels "Exotica", "KAMA records", "Cheburec", "56 STUFF" and others). The songs from Mombus & Bacillus Orchestra differed greatly. The styles ranged from experimental, neo-IDM, post-rock to synth-folk, electro-pop, lounge, etc.


"Species Seditativae # 3" (2005)
Legkie / Kama Records

"Corpuscle bureau" (2005)
© Nishi

"Soap Bubbles" (2005)

"Arctic" (2004)
Exotica Lights

"Sandy" (2004)

In compilations:

"Culmination" (2005) © Laton
"Numerology" (2005) © WM-recordings
"Area 51- Electronic trip beyond the Polar Circle" (2005) GR-Records

"Different Listening 2" (2004) 56 STUFF
"Tell Chaikovsky the News. Vol. 8 (2004) Exotica
"Look under the fir-tree!" (2003) Solnze Records
"Ambient 2003. Music for Izhevsk Airport" (2003) Kama Records
"Music For Designers" (2003) Index Design & Publishing
"Out to the City - 3" (2003) Cheburec
"Different Listening" (2003) 56 STUFF
"Planet Izhevsk" (2003) Kama Records
"Tell Chaikovsky the News. Volume 7" (2003) Exotica
-TIE (2002) Experiment.Ru Records
"Tell Chaikovsky the News. Volume 6" (2002) Exotica
"Tell Chaikovsky the News. Volume 5" (2002) Exotica
"Buldozer 2" (2002) Fulldozer
"Results #3 compilation" (2000) Results

Mombus Sound Station: http://www.an.ru/mombus/

You may download some audio stuff by Mombus in "to listen" section.


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