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Sensiva (Artem Galukhin) is a Russian electronic music composer and performer. Being a comprehensive musician he plays ambient, downtempo and dub. He describes his music as “atmospheric beat” – the music for the city dwellers who live in a fast rhythm of megapolis on one hand but who keep their internal connection to the nature on the other.

— This conception is not a conclusion. The only reason why these terms showed up was a need to describe my music, so that's how it appeared. Beats stand for the city and atmosphere stands for the nature. It is probably not even a conception, but rather a perception of myself in the world.

Artem was born in the north of Russia (Kirovsk, Hibiny), in the land of rocky hills, polar nights and northern lights. In 1998 he moved to St-Petersburg. Since 2000 Artem makes electronic music. In 2002 first Sensiva's album was released on a compact tape cassette (“ChebuRec” label).

— When I was 7 my mom made everything to get me enrolled to a music school, which I did not like much and missed the classes a lot. Later I got into heavy music and at the age of 15 or 16 me and my friends started a thrash-metal band. I played guitar and sang (or even growled). I also was the author of the music and lyrics. When I was 18 I moved to Saint-Petersburg to study robotics engineering. I got into hardcore, then hip-hop and trip-hop and later – electronic music. I bought a computer and started to compose tracks. Many live guitars records were used.

Sensiva is a permanent participant of many Russian electronic music festivals. He performed at: “Plug&Play”, “Free Flight”, “Experience 2004”, “Systo-party Togethering 2006” . Artem regularly plays at nightclub parties in Moscow and St-Petersburg, and also he is a guest at events of foreign musical projects (“Kuurort records”, (Tallinn , Estonia), “Sun Dance Music Festival 2006” (Tallinn, Estonia), “Klusa Daba 2006” (Riga, Latvia)).

— The components of an ideal concert for me are powerful sound, visual effects and a room full of people. A big rave or a small party in cafe – it's not that important.

In the year of 2005 Sensiva found his own music label – “Sensotech Records”, which started its activities with release of Sensiva's album “Giosun”. The CD was approved by electronic music listeners in Europe and got good reviews as well.

— “Sensotech Records” was created just for releasing my own material. From the beginning it was planned to release my album on another label, but the release was delayed. Later that label disappeared. So, I released the album myself. But I hope that Sensotech will become a label in the real sense of the word.



“Giosun” (2006)
© Sensotech Records

“Sensiva” (2003)
© Cheburec Records

In compilations:

“Polyphonic Petals” (Bitlab Records, 2006)
“Sampler 06” (Ai Records, 2006)
“Autodid_act 4” (D.QOD, 2005)
“Out To City 3” (ChebuRec, 2004)
“RU.ELECTRONIC2” (lo Recordings, 2003)
“Rambler Future Sounds” (ChebuRec / Zvezda Records, 2003)
“Metal Dub Sound System - Vegetarian Food” (Resistance Music, 2002)
“Out To City 2” ( Cheburec , 2001)

You may download some audio stuff by Sensiva in "to listen" section.

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Sensiva's Site
Sensotech Records


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