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Stereo Modus

Stereo Modus

Project was founded in 2001.

Stereo Modus is: Valery Yakolev and Alexander Gorbatch.

The historical roots of Stereo Modus can be traced back to the seventeenth century, when gloomy Siberian men, after frightening away few aboriginals, founded the first settlements on the shore of the river Tom'.

There are two significant factors that influenced the particularities of the locals' creative work. It is a severe continental climate (winter lasts up to 10 months there, according to scientific reports) and a peaceful existence is always in jeopardy due to ruinous raids of nomads and plenty of wild animals - bears are still frequent visitors on Novokuznetzk streets. So it is as usual for Stereo Modus members to have a hunting rifle as to have a toothbrush or a computer. Reality bites. Valenki making, ice hockey playing and electronic music composing - these are all simple kinds of entertainment that inhabitants of this severe land can afford when they have spare time from exhausting work on mines.

Listening to ascetic, dramatic yet surprisingly elegant compositions by Stereo Modus, one keeps wondering how rich the spirit of the locals is, how deep their comprehension of the meaning of old traditions as well as of modern tendencies is. Although the four century-long history of Stereo Modus is not full of striking events, it is absolutely clear that their music will find its path to the hearts of profound listeners.


navi ep (2000) stereo modus

la lettre a camus vs. stereo modus "pour mille milles" (2002) llac, stereo modus

Forma4 : Psy/Clone-2xEP (2002) forma4, stereo modus

v/a "The technics of the random meetings" (2003) fdla

ex tempore (2003) shaped harmonics

You may download some audio stuff by Stereo Modus in "to listen" section.


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 stereo modus 

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