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The Great Mundane

Since the time that he was a child, Jeffrey Acciaioli has been surrounded by music. He has had 7 years of training in classical piano, started playing the bass at 13, and then later joined the Walled Lake Western Symphony. He has also taken music theory and sight singing courses to better his knowledge of music. And he collaborates with different musicians and DJs.
Jeffrey's music absorbed many things from hip-hop, some things from jazz, and something from classics. All these influences were mixed and now we can see an impressive result.

— I started of working and making beats for local hiphop artist in Michigan which is where I grew up. I often was a bit untraditional with my sound choices and a bit shunned in the scene. I moved to Chicago to go to college and randomly ended up rooming with local DJ Mike Brankis. He had introduced me to some deep house techno like Richie Hawten and some others. This was my introduction to electronica which led me to fusing my hiphop background with the electronic sounds. I think it was always in me but I rejected it based off the lack of interest that my home town offered for that style of music. When we heard the word “electronica” we thought of trance only. But — oh boy! — that was wrong.
I find it very difficult to find somebody that I can sit down with for a long 6 hour day and make music. I have failed with many but my project "humm" with Tyrel Williams has been an amazing experience. We are able to stay focused for hours upon hours and sometimes not make any progress but yet we will try again.

Among other things, Jeffrey wrote a soundtrack for Jeff Mchale's film “Bed Time Stories”, made music for a number of student short films and for one animated film. After the long time of preparation, now Jeffrey actively performs at different places in Chicago and other cities.

— Well I'm very new to the scene so I have only played one scene. But Ii think the most important thing for me is to make an effort. To give an entertaing show with electronic music is often hard to come by. I see a lot of shows with guys standing behind there laptops and its borring as hell. If you dont break a sweat you might aswell get off the stage and let itunes play your cd for you. Besides its more fun to rock out on stage.



Duality EP (2006)
© Belladonna Records

Press On EP (2005)
© Belladonna Records

In compilations:

“Different Listening 3” (2006 © 56 STUFF)
“Belladonna Summer Compilation” (2006 © Belladonna Records)


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