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Music Take-Away
Parties series | 2008 ... | Various cities
Events with take-away music: our releases in mp3 format (including the special same-named complilation) are delivered right on USB memory cards and storages of event's visitors.
November, 28th, 2009 | St-Petersburg
Dancing for the sake of brain. CDs for free at entrance, brain on a big screen, chess sets on tables, live performance by ABC Galaxy, DJ-set by Disconorte, special guest from Latvia Ksenia Kamikaza, thematic video by Yellowhead.
Borschtsch Pogrom
September, 27th, 2009 | St-Petersburg
A joint DJ set, performed live by two '56 STUFF' members Idiosync and DJ Greenleg, grew out of a mix of the same name. A nonstop stream of tracks of various styles and genres that was played back-to back.
Different Listening
Parties series | 2003 — 2006 | St-Petersburg / Moscow
Different listening: various downtempo-oriented music. Events of different formates, which took place on different venues since 2003. Also we released same-named music compilations.
56 STUFF in Retrospective
2006 | St-Petersburg / Novosibirsk
Yelllowhead, the founder and the leader of "56 STUFF" told about history of the project, about fifty six, about authors and participants. Also he demonstrated special video-art that showed works by various artists from our 'to look' and 'to listen' sections.
Semolina Porridge. Return to the Childhood
March, 26th, 2005 | St-Petersburg
Yellowhead's "Semolina Porridge" CD presentation. Yellowhead (live), special DJ-set from Soii, Kvarik, Yellowhead.
Update Music
LJ-festivals | 2003 2004 | St-Petersburg / Moscow
Electronic music from composers and DJs from different cities, lots of livejournal users at one time and at one place.
Day of the Day
Essentially new holiday, April, 4th, 2003 | St-Petersburg
Participants: Moscow Grooves Institute (Moscow), Nuclear Los (Novosibirsk), YaD, Jeune homme, Yellowhead
Good Evening
December, 28th, 2002 | St-Petersburg
Participants: YaD, Yellowhead, Few, Booka Dehuk, Jeune homme, DJ Harris. The last comeback of 'CTuHku' band.
Exhibition, April, 1st, 2002
According to the information received by Yellowhead, there are over 1500 students in gymnasium #56, not including high school. Only two 56 STUFF members (Pavel Bor and Yellowhead) visited them.
FIFTY SIX: noise of art
Exhibition | November 2–7, 1998 | St-Petersburg
This event was dedicated to fifty six that was a conception! This exhibition started our history and presented "56 STUFF" to the audience for the first time.

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