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Foolk — Lush Hour Foolk — Lush Hour
These eight tracks of small duration came out from live sets of the author — he got his inspiration for this EP directly from himself. In compare with early works, the sound of Foolk became more lacerated and twitchy but this fact just underlines the uniqueness of Dusan's music — with its jazzy variations and with an inevitable using of samples.
releases / foolk — lush hour
Mp3 archive: a few completely free releases Mp3 archive: a few releases, entirely
Our free mp3 archive got a new inflow of stuff: we added a few releases that can be downloaded as zip files. Here they are: “Tempo Spaco”, “Public Jewelry” and “Different Listening 3”. Get them for free!
music: mp3 archive / releases
Cycle Hiccups Cycle Hiccups
“I had not wanted to make music on a computer and even more I had not wanted to play live via this device, so I invented something”. The solo project of Alexandr Velikoselsky keeps a short charade of personal kind inside its name, and unites electronic sound, interesting vocal exercises and improvisation in its music.
artists / cycle hiccups
Borschtsch Pogrom Borschtsch Pogrom
A few pictures and a short text about collaborative back-to-back live set 'Borschtsch Pogrom' by Idiosync and DJ Greenleg that was performed in St-Petersburg. Goes with a 3-hour audio recording and with a large list of included tracks.
events / borschtsch pogrom
Yellowhead — Live at Hiawatha Art Festival
Live-set by Yellowhead, recorded at Hiawatha Art Festival, the event that took place at Nikola-Lenivets village near Moscow in July, 2009.
music: mixes and sets / yellowhead — live at hiawatha art festival
Keine Mautstrassen Keine Mautstrassen
It takes just a tick against the “Keine Mautstrassen” option in the settings of a German-speaking GPS navigator in order to turn an ordinary journey from one location to another into something else. Avoiding tolls and highways, the system sets the course selecting only regional communications — tracks and dirt roads. The ride turns into jogging on pits and bumps. Wind is buzzing in a slightly opened window — the view through it is hardly exciting.
look / yellowhead / keine mautstrassen
The Pillow People — Nymphet The Pillow People — Nymphet
“Nymphet” is a set of musical dedications to different girls that are united by the mood they share, characterized by an absence of flippancy, along with slyness. Emotional keywords would be sadness and reverie, both are frequent guests of The Pillow People's sound, which is defined by its creator as 'depressive trip'.
releases / the pillow people — nymphet
Music Take-Away Petrozavodsk:
DJ Greenleg, Shtukk
Two sets which were played at Music Take-Away event in Petrozavodsk. Recorded at 'Kivach' cafe on 05.04.2009.
music: mixes and sets / music take-away petrozavodsk

Music Take-Away Riga:
DJ Greenleg, Ivan Voltanov, Ksenia Kamikaza
Three sets which were played at Music Take-Away event in Riga, Latvia: recorded and collected — as they appeared at Art & Music Bakery club on 13.03.2009.
music: mixes and sets / music take-away riga

Moscow in sketches Zhenya Vasilyev: Moscow In Sketches
Evgeny Vasilyev, an illustrator, keeps holding of art instruments even in his vacant hours and fixes surroundings on paper. Recently (these letters have appeared in 2009) Evgeny is mostly surrounded by the city of Moscow and he's listed as a correspondent by an international community of urban sketch enthusiasts Urban Sketchers. Zhenya made a research inside boxes of his desk and plugged in his scanner — so, now we can watch these graphical items exactly in original shape as they were made right in the field.
look / zhenya vasilyev / moscow in sketches
DJ Ksenia Kamikaza — Alternative Duty Mix
Joyful mix by Ksenia Kamikaza, the author of a radio show 'Intelligent Beats' (Capital FM, Latvia), recorded especially for 56STUFF.ru.
music: mixes and sets / dj ksenia kamikaza — alternative duty
title= DJ Greenleg — Set for Gleb and Olga
This set was played (and in the process recorded) by DJ Greenleg on a pleasant homeparty at one of St-Petersburg's flats in December 2008.
music: mixes and sets / dj greenleg — set for gleb and olga
Müsli and Cigarettes Müsli and Cigarettes
In his search for beau-ideal Yellowhead once find himself in strange and seemingly irrelevant places: inside a pocket, on a cooking table, at a newspaper rack, and in a grocery. So, exenterating a pair of cigarette boxes, digging in packages of different sorts of mueslies, and disrupting one English-speaking newspaper, in the end Yellowhead made video in which he forced a number of daily goods and stuff to dance in outer space.
look / yellowhead / müsli and cigarettes
Music Take-Away
This compilation doesn't have a catalog number, it only exists in MP3 format and it is being distributed for free on events of the same name, for which it was created. Participants are our usual artists, well-known for those who's been following our activity for a while. Most of the tracks presented on this compilation haven't been released before.
releases/ music take-away
Zimmer-G — Mupy Mup Zimmer-G — Mupy Mup
Here comes the Mupy Mup by Zimmer-G! Light, fair sadness is what distinguishes this release. A kind that comes when we look at an old photo album. A good feeling burdened by the fact that past cannot be reverted. However, the music carries a faint optimistic hint at the same time.
releases / zimmer-g — mupy mup
ABC Galaxy — Glambrainwow ABC Galaxy — Glambrainwow
Our 25th release is a work by Izhevsk-based composer Roman Skarednov, who's also known by his project '0:28'. This CD has three sides, comes in a DVD box with various noticeable warnings, which occupy the required percentage of the cover, and is meant for mental massage.
releases / abc galaxy — glambrainwow
One shot
Various artists. Various photos. One shot per author. No subjects, styles or genres are defined. We're simply admiring photographic diversity. The gallery is getting occasionally updated.
look / various artists / one shot

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