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Bart Pogoda

He was born in Poland in 1976, now he lives in Warsaw. Freelance-photographer, journalist, graphic and web-designer, clipmaker.

1980–90 — first pictures were made by soviet camera Smena.
1995 — Changed his camera for Dutch Praktika, which was found in the room of his girlfriend.
1995–99 — Hitchhiked through the Western Europe.
1997 — tour to Turkey. The first photo exhibition in Warsaw.
1998 — tour to USA, Mexico and Guatemala.
1999 — tours to USA, Mexico and Sicilia.
2001 — stayed in Maroc.
2001–2002 — one year tour around the South, Central and North America.
1995–2000 — studying at the University of Insurance an Bank Deal in Warsaw.
2000–2001 — worked at one of advertisement agencies in Warsaw.
Since 2002 — freelance. Cooperates with polish magazines, newspapers, advertisement agencies and web-sources (Magazyn WWW, WEA Magazyn, WIK, Iks, Foto-Kurier, Dwukropek, Emaus, Gazeta Olsztynska, Grey, Era GSM, www.blog.pl, www.onephoto.net, www.virtualwindow.pl, www.nnmag.net, tramp.travel.pl, rocket404.com)

Likes to sleep long, rest in company of his friends, Vietnam cuisine, see comedies as "Monthy Python".

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