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Jon and his loves
At this picture you can see me and things which I like: my pencil, my notepad and my computer.
Jon Burgerman

His biography begins with words: "Jon Burgerman draws, paints, clicks and sleeps". In this way his best years are passing: in drawing, working with computer and sleeping.

Jon Burgerman was born in 1979. At this time he lives in Nottingham, Great Britain. Jon is famous by his unforgettable style: bright, clever, sometimes not accurate and full of strange things. Working with many various items including painting, stamps on the t-shirts, computer animation Jon created and grew up a big society of strange things and fanny characters living in the magic world of his images.

His works at 56STUFF.ru contains:
- Charles Webster album ‘Born on the 24th of July’ cover painting, Peacefrog, USA
- Painting commissioned by Jazz Fm for the album cover of 'Music and Movement Volume Two', UK
- Drawings shown as part of the ‘Stick ‘Em Up’ exhibition at Onetime Gallery, Los Angeles, USA
- A series of printed vests shown at ‘The Teeshirt Show’, Fitzroy Gallery, Melbourne, Australia. - Drawings shown in the ‘8.5 x 11’ exhibition as part of Faesthetic, 55dsl Store, New York, USA
- Wrapping paper artwork for N.W.Y.H. 26, Nowwashyourhands.com, London, UK
- Flash animated splash page designed for Pixelsurgeon.com
- Interview and portfolio review by Impress Graphic Design magazine, South Korea
- Sticker art published in the book ‘Stick ‘Em Up’, Booth-Clibborn Editions, London
- 'Red Sleeper' drawing published as a postcard by Boomerang Media, Haunts, UK
- Diesel fashion illustrations to be published in the forth-coming Half Empty magazine, USA


At 56STUFF.ru:
1) look>jon burgerman>selected works 2001 - 2003
2) look>jon burgerman>penned friends

Also on Web:
1) Portfolio: www.jonburgerman.com
2) sketchbook side-project: www.biro-web.com


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