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In the left column you can see links to the main topics of the site. There not much and they are as follows:



Releases. Catalogue of the releases of 56 STUFF music label.

Artists. All the musical projects regularly collaborating with us. True information from the «first hands» with photos, discography and so on.

To listen. Here you can get music in mp3 format (64 kbps) if you want to have more detailed opinion about musical works of those who are represented in the part «Artists».

To Look. Plasure for your eyes: illustrations, graphic works, photography, animation... For a looking while listening music from the "listen" section :)


To the right you find links to the subsections:

History of updates. Newsreel that helps visitors who haven't been to our website for a while to trace updates.

Subscription service. For those who want to keep posted, here's a subscription to 56 Stuff news. It is also possible to unsubscribe.

Feedback. The easiest way to get in touch with us, you don't even have to launch your e-mail client. Don't forget to leave a return address so we can reply to your letters.

Site map. This is where you are right now :)


Some of the links are placed in the bottom of the webpage. They lead to boring and special sections, the contents of which can be understood by their titles.

About the project. The information about who's behind all this, where to lodge complaints or where to send demo records for the music label.

Partners. Organizations and projects which collaborate with us in some way or another.

Press. What was written about 56 Stuff, its activities, this website or our other projects.


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 site map 

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