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St. Petersburg's project, which is perfect in its way. You see this name on the cover, this button, this fetching jagged skirt with massive hips under it? I'm afraid of insulting people from St. Peterburg, but they don't know their own happiness. For this project from art work to sound filling is nothing less than a genial conceptual example of modern yard music. Of course people from St. Petersburg have always had their particular pride, but let me get this straight.

A young man is always a provincial creature in modern culture, though he's trying to hide it in every way and, imitating his tattooed fellows, get himself on the feet. But all this happens in some dimension, where he feels himself quite as a stranger. In the late evening he comes back home, makes a gulp of fresh water, hugs his girl and then gets his guitar, keyboard or Yamaha.

What comes next is out of narrative context. This is the real yard music. Night singing of cicadas and crickets sounds as dead chitin tapping of loom, comparing to this. And it doesn't matter what exactly plays the role of the yard - a bench in the park at night, buddy's apartment, shaman's yurta in Chuckchi settlement or boyfriend's biennale in Copenhagen. It's excusable not to see the difference - we're talking about music. Let the form be changeable as shape of one's eyes, internal energetic is doomed to actuality.

The compilation includes tracks of five musicians. It is hard to say, that selection is even, but idea's charm is obliged to have an interchange of weak and strong what kind of selection could be in the yard music?

Stylistics is mixed Russian recitative is unconvincing, as usual, but acid jazz tracks are excellently done and sound much better than your Lambs. One Few's track can eclipse all Funki Porcini's fame. A yard is urgently required.

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 igun shakor (evermusic) about taini hod fishkee 

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