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It's good when something deserving our attention appears, and this something is made without big investments. It's good when there're people, who are able to prove that with a bit of will it's possible to make worth notice and high-quality music on the computer.

Tayniy Hod Fishki is a compilation of music works recorded by creative association 56stuff based in St. Petersburg. T.H.F. gladdens us with several things: first of all, with a good quality of sound (as far as I can judge by an audiocassette). Secondly, with an outstanding for St. Petersburg's stage acid jazz. Thirdly, with an attempt to be closer to people without showing off. And, at the same time, there's no any straight beats, all tracks have broken beats.

However, not everyone succeeded to be congenial. Thus, for example, Yellowhead's tracks are too conceptually minimalist for an ordinary listener, they are accurately structured and monotonous (In my opinion, a selection of compositions can be claimed here Ч I heard more potentially popular Yellowhead's tracks).

But I got stuck on Strike's OTCTOK. It has a problem Ч recitative. Russian rap has always had this problem Ч it doesn't sound well. Just because one shouldn't rap in Russian, and, as I think, this matter was settled long time ago. And all attempts to do this sound pretty amusing. Rapping like Dolphin Ч hmm, maybe we should leave this prerogative to Dolphin himself? Tired voiceЕ it doesn't work. All this looks farfetched. It's also difficult to catch a clue of lyrics. However I'm sure that this track will find his listener.

What else. There's natural striving for live instruments, there're a lot of various metalphones (isn't it a result of FM-synthesis?), saxophones, guitars, funny retro style samples, humor, playing with our as it is sick hearing Ч in a word, one big fun.

As a whole, the impression is very positive. Almost all tracks go easy and don't weigh upon brains (but only if you don't have a morbid perception of this world and music in general Ч I recommend people with an excessive appraisal of reality look at first at themselves and then go to psychiatrist Ч believe me, they will help you). If it were not for a little roughness of selection, everything would have been just perfect.

Someday these guys will prove themselves!

Gleb Kalinin, Experiment.Ru


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