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Different Listening 3

Various Artists.
Different Listening 3


13 tracks
Total time: 55:25

The third issue of “Different Listening” is more international than the two previous. The featured artists are from Slovakia, USA, Australia and a number of Russian cities.

The style of the compilation also varies widely. Here they go: our favorite downtempo, trip-hop with some female vocals, IDM variations, the “atmospheric beat”, so-called future jazz, quiet lounge and the strange music that we define as “electronica” in the sake of avoiding the additional questions .

“Different Listening 3” consists of compositions that were never published earlier. No tracks from the compilation could be found on any CD, released on the planet Earth before. Most of them were never revealed to the public at all.

Everything is new, interesting and carefully selected. All is different and playful. You are welcome.


1) Yellowhead — Birdie's Life
2) Digital One — yjp-yjfh
3) Custo — Dream
4) Mombus — Sunrise-Pentagon
5) Dusan Vanco — Bar
6) Velure — Words To Speak
7) Cemtex — Robotron
8) Math Geek — Aero Desk 4
9) Sensiva — Quintet Attack
10) Shtukk — Pocket Pony
11) The Great Mundane — The Great Escape
12) Zimmer-G — Home Boy
13) 8bit — Pseudoacoustic Day


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 different listening 3 

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