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Shtukk — Tempo Spaco

Tempo Spaco


9 tracks
Total time: 33:51

In Esperanto 'Tempo Spaco' means 'a space of time'. Our lives are divided into spaces — by society, occupation, climate, age, status, circumstances, chances, regularities. This particular space of time, recorded on a CD, is only half an hour long. Falling leaves, pencil drawings, ocean, rain — these are the sounds and images for those who appreciates a peaceful contemplation and can find enough time for it in our time-table scheduled days.

Joop Piedo was composed overnight out of odd material (including live drums and a children's record about a longing for jungle lion). The name came up by accident — the keys on the keyboard were misplaced after cleaning, and, when tried to type something else, I saw this word combination. As it turned out, the word 'piedo' actually exists in Epseranto, while 'joop' is an abbreviation.

Krajoni means a 'pencil drawing' in Esperanto (yes, the same one). Tender — the lines are thin and tranclucent. Fragile — an image can be blurred by water or deleted with an eraser.

—"Do you remember what you have promised?", asks Little Prince on the record. "At night, when you look up at the sky, since I shall be living on a star, and since I shall be laughing on a star, for you it will be as if all the stars are laughing".

If you...
This is part of my "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?" live performance on Kazantip festival in 2004. Do you hear that keyboard? That's my favorite instrument.

The Hundredth Monkey 1958
The effect of the hundredth monkey was discovered in 1958. The fact is striking: while there're only 99 monkeys in a group, the practice of washing yams before eating is their inner circle habit, but when the hundredth monkey joins them, monkeys from the other troops somehow receive the information and begin washing yams too. I dedicate this track to the hundredth monkey that decided to wash away sand from a dirty yam.

Pocket Pony — Pony sleeps in a shirt pocket, pony listens to a gentle murmur of water, pony blinks at the sun. Pony hears familiar music, jumps out of the pocket on an old record. I see that pony on the record and remember how I was listening to a gentle murmur of water, blinking at the sun and absorbing the summer...

Tell — is a request from my inner self. A request to stop for a moment and tell myself what is going on with me.


Fallen leaves are already frozen. The fall is over, the rhythm is set by the winter. Damp, cold air, first snow. The end of the fall creates unique atmosphere; my feelings are mutual.

Oldfashion Vibrations.
Rain over the sea is so meaningless! But, at the same time, it's beautiful!..

1) Joop Piedo | mp3
2) Krajoni | mp3
3) Promise
4) If you...
5) The Hundredth Monkey 1958
6) Pocket Pony
7) Tell
8) Mutually.Greatly
9) Oldfashion Vibrations


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