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  Shtukk and DJ Greenleg at T&Party

“Theory and practice” — a project that unites people in search for new knowledge and those who is ready to share their experience and skills — organizes a presentation of its branch in St-Petersburg.

T&P promotes the knowledge exchanging method called ‘edutainment’ (education+entertainment) by organizing and supporting various lections, seminars and masterclasses which are opened for everyone and can be held in any kind of venue.

On a Friday evening in November T&Party will gather friends of “Theory and practice”, lecturers, lecture-organizers and interested audience. Some interesting conversations are expected to happen. Musical support will be realized by Denis Davydov aka Shtukk, DJ Greenleg and Hoopa.

November 6,
2009 | 19:00
'Feelin Good' bar (Liteiny prospect, 64/78)
Free entrance

  “Keine Mautstrassen” at Museek festival

Yellowhead's latest music video “Keine Mautstrassen” will be shown on the big screen of “Rodina” cinema center (St-Petersburg) — as a part of non-competitive program of Museek festival.

This international music video festival in this year will take place for the second time. Its shows will include hundreds of carefully selected works from all over the world. As organizators promise in a press release of the event: “video that made via yarns and chalk, animation and dancing, mockumentary and abstraction — that's just a small part of what is waiting for you”.

Music video festival
November 6–13, 2009
“Rodina” cinema center (Karavannaya str., 12)

 Borschtsch Pogrom in St-Petersburg

In 2008 two members of a creative union ‘56 STUFF’ DJ Greenleg and Idiosync decided to pay homage to the music they get inspired by and recorded a mix which they called ‘Borschtsch Pogrom’. While being at the opposite ends of the world they were exchanging small bits of mixed tracks, gradually putting them together. The outcome lasts slightly less than 50 minutes and includes 28 tracks of a wide style range — glitchy blues changes into a nu jazz track which gets morphed with Turkish disco which, in turn, gives place to the Japanese duo Cibo Matto... This time the musicians met in their native St. Petersburg in order to give the ‘Borschtsch Pogrom’ concept a new feeling by assembling a new audio collage on the fly.

Borschtsch Pogrom
Live back-to-back set by Idiosync & DJ Greenleg

September 27, 2009 | 20:00
'Feelin Good' bar (Liteiny prospect, 64/78)
Free entrance

  Kap6uk at FMGU radio

Max Levitin, well known to all of you under the moniker Kap6uk, visited a studio of the 'Faculty' radio station (FMGU.ru). Of course, he brought with himself lots of different music to play on air. One of the grand melomaniacs among all the '56 STUFF' participants was asked to be a guest in the latest issue of 'Conyburrow'. This show is hosted by Alexandra Saraks and dedicated to chill-out music culture.

The 75-minute recording, which is available for online listening and for free downloading, includes music by Luke Vibert, Bibio, Diskjokke, John Zorn and others, along with interesting dialogues (in Russian, sorry) about musical evolution, its interaction with the entire world and other subjects.

'Conyburrow' radioshow (issue 9) at FMGU.ru

  Kap6uk and Yellowhead @ Hiawatha Art Festival

Two of “56 STUFF” members will take part in Hiawatha Art Festival which will take place at Nikola-Lenivets village near Moscow from 10 till 12 July: Kap6uk will play jazzy dj-set, Yellowhead will perform his own music.

The festival will be located in a national park where an indian settlement will be constructed for a period of three days. Among other stuff there will be presented kitchens with traditional food of american aboriginals.

The headliners of music program (which includes more than 30 participants) will be Spoonbill and Sensient from Australia. Besides that the event will include art exhibitions and video installations.

Hiawatha Art Festival
10–12 July 2009


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