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All the 56STUFF.ru authors. In pseudo-alphabetical order.
Acciaioli, Jeffrey
This guy's music absorbed many things from hip-hop, some things from jazz, and something from classics. All these influences were mixed and now we can see the impressive result.
Berthault-jacquier, Cyril
French picture-maker living in Brussels.

Burgerman, Jon
Jon Burgerman from Nottingham, Great Britain, "draws, paints, clicks and sleeps". In this way his best years are passing: in drawing, working with computer and sleeping.

Covex Dima
One of two guys from Jazzy Puzzles.
Digital One
D1 from Novosibirsk is known to general public as composer, performer, DJ, promoter, as well as the leader of 8bit group and the Echo Depth Finders music maker.
Doug DuBois
Doug DuBois’ photographs have been published by the Museum of Modern
Art, The J. Paul Getty Museum, Double Take, The Picture Project, The
Friends of Photography, and in magazines including The New York
Times, The Sunday Telegraph, Details and Black Book. A monograph of
his photographs will be published by Aperture in the spring of 2009.

Dufresne, Larry
Visual gramophone and emotive typewriter. Looking for texture. I am doing some pictural recuperation. In fact, I am a visual schizophrene.

Fischinger, Mareen
Mareen Fischinger was born 1984 near Berlin, Germany. She has not
even finished her communications design studies in Düsseldorf, but is
already working as a professional photographer, for both commercial
and editorial clients from Europe and the U.S.A. She also has a personal blog.

Fokos, David
Well-known photographer from San Diego, California. He has chosen to use long exposures and carefully selected compositions to filter out what he calls the "visual noise" of everyday life, thus revealing the fundamental essence of our natural world.

Fukuda, Takeyoshi aka Motake
My photos themes are memorial colors of all the people in the world. I live in Tokyo, Japan.

Hoegsberg, Simon
Born and raised in Aarhus, Denmark. Stadied photography for three years at The London Institute. Since 2001 lives and works as a freelance photographer in Copenhagen, Denmark.
Jurevicius, Nathan
Freelance illustrator, artist, toy designer and story teller from Australia. Known mostly as the creator of Scary Girl.
Ksenia Kamikaza
Ksenia is a DJ and the author of a radio show 'Intelligent Beats' (Capital FM, Latvia).
Köhler, Larissa
Writes poems. Makes photos.

Koyama, Nanako
Was born in Japan in 1988. Now she studies photography at university.

Lee, Sean Marc
Sean Marc Lee currently works and lives in Los Angeles. Though he misses
San Francisco very much and will move back one day.
Nix, Lori
Lori builds high-detailed dioramas in her living room at Brooklyn, New York and makes pictures of it with a photo camera.
Pogoda, Bart
Freelance-photographer, journalist, graphic and web-designer, clipmaker from Warsaw, Poland. Bart is always in a permanent travelling through different countries and continents.

Well-known in russian segment of Internet illustrator and multimedia artist. Photography for Redink is a hobby: "camera is always with me, wherever I am travelling by train, walking on a street, sitting at a cafe. I need to make a shots constantly".

Web and graphic designer, musician-and-so-on from St-Petersburg.
Taylor, Maggie
Was born in Cleveland, Ohio, and graduated from Yale University with a BA in philosophy. Later she received an MFA in photography from the University of Florida. Her images explore the use of a computer and a flatbed scanner in place of a camera.
Von Holleben, Jan
Jan is a photographer who takes his job extremely serious. Nothing is coincidence — everything is fun and playful.
Vanco, Dusan
Dusan is a music producer and self-taught pianist from Slovak Republic, who started his own official production in 1999. Under the artist name of Foolk, he makes a special kind of jazz; innovative jazz, based on cutting, sampling and recycling and mixed with live instruments.
Five guys from Australia who made good trip-hop and took a part in our 'Different Listening 3' compilation.
Art victim. The leader and the founder of 56 STUFF.
His main life activities are: the art and the creation.
Zosia Zija
Lives and works in Poland, Warsaw. Her interest in portrait photography is reflected in images of people in their surroundings. Zosia tryes to document the relationship between the people and places they live.
Alexandrov Daniil
The creator and the only participant of Moonscape music project. Also known as Idiosync.
Akperov Elchin
This guy form Rostov-on-Don is the founder of Yadi, formed in 2000. The sound of this musical project is pure easy listening, with some retro-USSR motives.
Askarov Igor aka Juks
Was born in 1981 at the place Udelnaya, near Moscow. There he lives now. Tells about photography's place in his life with a modesty: "sometimes I make a photos".
Bakanev Sergey aka Mombus
Mombus is a composer located in Murmansk, northwestern Russia. The styles of his project range from experimental, neo-IDM, post-rock to synth-folk, electro-pop, lounge, etc.
Buldakova Veronika aka nikabu
She is an artist and designer. Was born in St-Petersburg, then moved to Izhevsk, later returned to her native city.
Zhenya Vasilyev
Zhenya (short from Evgeny) is a designer and artist from Gatchina, near St-Petersburg. Now he lives in Moscow and draws pictures, comixes and sketches for child books.

Velikoselsky Alexandr
Many-sided musician: he plays in new-jazz-funk band Funkiss, presents himself as one of begetters of spontaneous collaborative music outfit Shawerma In Matzo, works on electronic improvisatory solo project Cycle Hiccups. During non-music time Alexandr deals with photography.

Vecherkovskaya Yana
Modestly says that has no talent and makes shots only at boring times.

Vikhornov Dima
Began to compose music when he was 5 years old. He recorded many analog albums and recently came up with several digital ones. Since the piano has always been his favorite instrument, almost all his music has a melodic and harmonic feel.

Voltanov Ivan
Voltanov is one of the founding fathers of art project uph0 an association of creative people from Obninsk, Russia. Plays at clubs and parties as DJ Voltanov, makes music as Zimmer-G.
Gavrilova Katerina
She's an archaeologist and a big friend of pacific salmon. That is why Katerina moved to the Sakhalin Island. From time to time she makes a photos but can't remember how and when this habbit was appeared. A participant of 'Polka-Dot' around-art group.

Galukhin Artem
Artem was born in the land of rocky hills, polar nights, and northern lights, and later moved to a big city. Under the artistic name Sensiva he makes electronic music for the city dwellers who live in a fast rhythm of megapolis on one hand but who keep their internal connection to the nature on the other.

Gaponov Alexey
He works for world peace by arranging buttons, letters and numbers into correct order — when he's at a job. When he's not at a job, he makes photo pictures, writes short annotations for them and stay in doubt.

Gorbach Alexander from "Stereo Modus"
Original siberian composer.
Davydov Denis aka Shtukk
Composer and the promoter of experimental electronic music from St-Petersburg.
Dorofeev Alexey
Was born. Photographing.
Drozdov Anton
Cameraman from St-Petersburg, who's hobby is photography. Anton makes great things not only in his work but also in his hobby.
Dubrovsky Andrey
Photographer from St-Petersburg, getting success and popularity with his roofs photo series.
Dubinsky Roman aka Palitra_art
Artists from Russia, lives in Germany since 1996. Widely known at the Web as Palitra_art, works with different styles.
Eritsyan Stepan aka Unislon
Russian jeweller, working in St-Petersburg.
Kalinin Gleb aka Glebis
Gleb Kalinin's creative power is developed in different ways: music (Jeune homme), design, literature. He is the creator of Experiment.Ru and one of the founders of Leibniz Gruppe netlabel and promotion group.
Kalinin Mark
Designer and illustrator who works for fun, for pleasure and — occasionally — for money.
Kamaev Vladimir aka Soamo
Web-design is his work. Drawing is his soul necessity.
Kustov Alexander aka Dantist
Alexander Kustov was born in 1961 in Krasnoyarsk, Siberia. Periodically, he travels with photo-camera through the region of East Syberia.
Kolpakhchiev Mikhail
Professional animator, who works in this business since the age of 13 years.
Kronberg, George
Gifted reportage photographer from St-Petersburg.
Kuber Gamilla
It's sad but we really can't tell you any information about this young woman.
Levitin Max aka Kap6uk
Kap6uk is the man who loves music for real and for a long time. So, he collects releases, writes music reviews, and records mixes.
Lozhkin Yaroslav
Artist and designer from Izhevsk, the author of a number of 56 STUFF CDs covers.
Makagonova Xenia
Russian photographer, who makes very interesting and original photo works.

Maximov Ilya aka Crazy Lazy Eraser
Multimedia artist and animator, animated films director, comixmaker... Dislocation: Internet, St-Petersburg.

Mr. Bad Ears
Artist, designer and musiciant form Minsk, Belarus. With his project The Inay works in such genres as 'lo-fi' and 'art-electronica'.
Nikitin Leonid aka ktyz
Nikulin Stepan
Stepan Nikulin from St-Petersburg is the Cemtex project's author, composes electronic music since 1997.
Panteleev Yuri
Photographer from St-Petersburg.
Satsiperov Oleg
The leader of YaD the band which was in active cooperation with 56 STUFF in the 2002 2004.
Selezneva Alina
Fine art expert who travels from one city to another with Holga photo camera.
Skarednov Roman
In his creative work this composer from Izhevsk tries to develop a number of different directions simultaneously under different titles.
Skotch Roma
A member of Jazzy Puzzles, DJ, and composer.

Stepanov Artem
A composer who makes music under the pseudoname Math Geek.

Strelkin Kirill
As Booka Dehuk began to make music approximately in 1991, with a band called "CTuHkU". Later, after experiments with live sound he switched to electronic music, focusing more attention to techno and melodic IDM.
Tishenkov Oleg aka OlegTi
Was born in Smolensk. From the year of 17, gets the money only with drawing and around-drawing working.
Alexandra Uvarova
Young and gifted animator from St-Petersburg.
Philippovsky Alexander aka Few
Combining his electronic composer's work with a career as a drummer in a heavy metal band he released several single electronic records, which can be described as experimental acid jazz.
Fomicheva Tatyana aka Tatien
Very productive and creative photographer from St-Petersburg. Cooperates with many magazines and newspapers.
Efros Max
Photographer and cameraman from St-Petersburg.
Yushmanova Ekaterina
Photograph. Pictures only the people mostly women. Never makes shots for a money.
Yakovlev Valery
One of two Stereo Modus music project's participants.

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