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Somewhere back in the 2004 one weird Slovak musician Dusan Vanco picked up a sampler, piano and macintosh, and named himself Foolcut. The debut EP, 'Something like Jazz' (released on NodeRecords.de) signaled his entry into the world of music.

In fall 2007 Foolcut was renamed. He began to name himself Foolk. With his new shorter handle, Foolk continues to blaze his way through electronic music and weird jazz. Foolk bringing a peculiar view on music and sound Ч lo-fi hip hop, beats, jazz cuts and bleeps or pitched turntable samples together with live musical instruments and electronics.

When Foolk hears something suitable for re-arranging, he uses it. This happens because he likes that specific sound, and not for the reason that he is not able to do his own music without sampling. He's got a lot of old vinyls which he converts into digital form. This is his source of samples.

Lush Hour EP (2009, 56 STUFF)
Red Pills For Daddy (2008, Deadred Records)
Living Room Pieces (2008, foolk.net)
Bleep Bleep EP (2007, TryMusic)
Kubko EP (2007, Surreal Madrid)
Bar EP (2006, TryMusic)
Something Like Jazz (2005, Noderecords.de)

In compilations
Music Take-Away (2008, 56 STUFF)
Vlna Compilation (2007, Vlna)
Different Listening 3 (2006, 56 STUFF)

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