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Moonscape. Public Jewelry
13 tracks
Total time: 54:42

Moonscape's Public Jewelry

All artists lie a bit when they say they create only for themselves. I plainly state: this is all for you! Note what painstaking work it is. Lots of different materials were used. The result is packed with clicks and cuts which are sonic equivalents of glitter. You can put these widgets on yourself and go for a walk; believe me, it will drastically improve your appearance. If you need something for a particular occasion, I give you: bracelets for dating, necklaces for business correspondence, earrings for designing templates, tiaras for apartment cleaning and so on, and so forth.

1) Single in Paris – Being single in Paris is rather ambiguous—seems like you can fall in love with everyone around, on the other hand why is it that you are single in the first place?

2) Glitter — Most likely the head composition of the album. It is about people's pathological passion to shiny objects.

3) Waltz For Brunettes – Brunettes are far greater than blondes. There are exceptions of course, but who devotes waltzes to exceptions?

4) Plastic Emotions on Sale – I'm almost sure they will sell them in small flasks.

5) Silly Bossa – Inspired by delicious Brazilian foood.

6) Commutator – Rephrasing Marmeladov, it is important to have someone you can send an email or a text message.

7) I Icer – This track is intended to convey everything that's cold—wind, frozen words, ice cracking under the feet; at the same time it's an attempt to create a collective image of Russian easy listening. Therefore it's an optional collision of one cliche (vibraphones, guitar samples, disco strings) with another (yes, it is cold in Russia , thanks for asking!)

8) Metronomic Rains – It is raining, pedestrians are jumping over streams, hatches are dashing waterfalls, umbrellas are turning inside out, mud from under the tires is attacking favorite coat, visibility is below average.

9) Empty Room – I tried to take dub away from its habitual plains and valleys and put it into the limited space.

10) Must — I personally think that this track sounds sort of musty.

11) Toggle — Dedicated to the joy of turning devices on and off.

12) Amble Song – When you amble you notice many details of the landscape that normally never come to your attention.

13) Written While You Were Having Sex in My Bed – Yes, the bed was occupied, so I had nothing to do but composing music all night long.

01. Single in Paris
02. Glitter
03. Waltz For Brunettes | mp3
04. Plastic Emotions on Sale | mp3
05. Silly Bossa | mp3
06. Commutator
07. I Icer
08. Metronomic Rains
09. Empty Room | mp3
10. Must
11. Toggle
12. Amble Song
13. Written While You Were Having Sex in My Bed


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