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The St. Petersburg based label 56 Stuff is now more active than ever, and offers those who wish to get acquainted with the spectrum of its music a new compilation – “Different Listening”. There are about twenty different projects and a wealth of sunny, yet sometimes sullen electronic music.

The compilation’s general mood matches the colors of its cover: orange and green. It’s true. There are no languid aspirations or hi-calorie chocolate desserts that cause you-know-what. (Don’t let the cake with the “Melodia” LP on top confuse you.) Abstract rhythmic-melodic variations and an experimental approach to downtempo prevail.

The most pleasant impressions were left by Kaufkassette’s “Reduktion” in Dreamlin’s remix, Jeunne Homme’s “Away for 15 days”, Yellowhead’s “Chill You” and perhaps Moonscape’s “Search for” (where a pioneer is soloing on a trumpet, a sweet rudiment on an industrial background). Dreamlin throws in a nice piece of breakbeat with “Sunny”. Mombus is also good, but he’s already becoming a little bit boring.

Doctor Morozov, Electrokids.Org




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 doctor morozov about v/a "different listening" 

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