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Russian chill

Russian excentrics have managed to release a good and a respectable easygroove compilation. Listening to it, I tried to overcome my everyday routine of listening downtempo compilations, to avoid the genre's constant monotony.

So what did i discover? In opposite to a decent lounge-oceanwave clucking compilation the music on this album does not live under your bed, but it rushes into your living room, where there is more space to live it all out. Like a proper teenager, it also likes to jam now and then so that's why it carries a little metal cello, an old radioreceiver and a chunking sampler along with itself, which can generate a bit more glamourous and more exclusive atmosphere if you experiment with it enough.

Its' favourite hobby is watching Russian cartoons and listening to old funkmusic, which it found on its' fathers' music collection. It hates intellectuality in a music, therefore it quietly hums its' mad protestingn tone.
Let it protest as much as it wants, it sure can generate a good layaway feeling.

Jurgen Tamme, Postimees (Estonia)
translation from Estonian: Reiner Shternfeld




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 jurgen tamme about v/a "different listening 2" 

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