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Aside from his great epic works Leo Tolstoy also wrote nice short stories for children, quite genius in their own way. I still remember terrifically psychedelic “Aeronaut’s Tale” — I also wanted to fly away somewhere up to the sky.

“The Girl and the Mushrooms” is an edifying tale about two girls that were crossing the railroad. One of them stumbled, another ran across, and the engineer couldn’t stop the train. But everybody survived, because ingenuity and quick wits are peculiar even to very young women.

"56 STUFF" musicians split the story into five parts, made the music, put the text over it. Someone might say that they are scoffing at the classics, I thought so as well, while waiting for the disk to come. But it appeared that Leo Nikolayevich is still capable to surprise, when his work is mixed with IDM, ambient and break beat.

There are also bonus tracks on this release. That’s where, in my opinion, the most delicious tracks are dwelling: Moonscape’s piece about the economist from Herzen street, a librarian by vocation, who became an air planet on Murmansk peninsula, as well as Yellowhead’s agitation “Everything and the Mushrooms” that shows what
happens when a one reads too much.

Despite the participants are grown-up and serious men, there’s something puerile about this project. It reminds of home taping, when a one taps on cans and jars, runs around his apartment and screams “la la la and the mushrooms!”, “kaboom and the mushrooms!”.


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 electrosound.ru about "the girl and the mushrooms" 

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