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Semolina Porridge



8 tracks
Total time: 34:48

The disk has a unique vinyl imitation coating. Only 56 copies were pressed. Yaroslav Lozhkin created the album art, using his own font Compgraf.

Three years after "Wood" (FSST011, 2002) Yellowhead does his best to please the audience, with the support of Moonscape, Zimmer-G and Few.

"I'm using my only hit "Semolina Porridge" as a bait to lure naive listeners into the wilderness of psychosis, hahaha!", says the author about his new release.

1. Semolina Porridge / Yellowhead, 2002
2. Air Hockey / Yellowhead, 2004
3. Pemolina Sorridge / Yellowhead, 2005
4. Stealing of Semolina / Yellowhead & Few, 2005
5. Semolina Porridge By Recipe / Zimmer-G, 2005
6. Helicopter (You Can Mix) / Yellowhead, 2002
7. Semolina Porridge (Shortwave Mix) / Moonscape, 2005
8. Semolina Porridge with Lumps / Yellowhead, 2005

Semolina Porridge. Yellowhead's hit track that conquers listeners' hearts ever since it was created in 2002. It was released on the compilations of three different labels - 56 Stuff, Legkie and SHUM Records. Some call it childish, and that the attitude it has, besides track's name speaks for itself. The track owes its existence to the old vinyl records of 1920's and 1930's.

Air Hockey. The action takes place in a game room of the entertainment center. Players grasp their bats tossing hands and elbows; flat puck flies among metal boards, rushing up in an abrupt path. People are having fun, cheering each other, while some drunken musician plays on his electronic organ, not being able to tell air hockey from ice hockey.

Pemolina Sorridge. To cook this one Yellowhead used the same ingredients - semolina, water and salt. But something happened during the process of preparation, or, rather, with the process itself. In other words, O-o-o-oh, Hee-Ha-Ho! La-la-la, yeah!

Stealing of Semolina. Two consummate villains make their way to the kindergarten under cover of night and steal all the supplies of semolina, and the fact that children will be hungry next morning doesn't trouble them at all. Few and Yellowhead, who work as night guards, witness this horrible crime, but they are too afraid to stop the delinquents and could only express their indignation in music.

Semolina by Recipe. This track will help you to learn how to cook semolina. You'll get the hang of every action included - from striking a match till gobbling the warm substance. Music acts on subconscious level - you learn as you listen. It's a simple code, you just play this track while you're cooking, and your breakfast is almost ready.

Helicopter (You Can Mix). Back in 2000, Yellowhead and Strike were listening to vinyl recordings of children tales, pulling out samples and phrases. "You can take my helicopter", says the gangster chief in "The Adventures of Captain Vrungel" - that's how the first version of that track appeared. "You Can" mix came up after Yellowhead cruelly messed with the original material.

Semolina Pooridge (Shortwave Mix). Let's take Roberto Benigni. It's a funny actor. Let's cut him into small pieces. Would these pieces be as funny as an integral Roberto Benigni? Certainly. We will get a funny mouth, a funny knee, a funny, yet nameless part of the face under nose, et cetera. Now let's assemble him. Since we have a lot of small pieces we wouldn't be able to remember their original placement. But it is not important. Moreover, it's a better way of getting a new Roberto Benigni than by dressing him in a new suit. Don't worry that he's a little bit inaccurate, this happens with all things that we disassemble and assemble back for the first time. He is still sure-footed. Besides, some pieces, formerly hidden inside Roberto Benigni, are now outside, what gives him funniness that has never been seen before. And we can only guess what joy can bring renovated Roberto Benigni with his new and fresh funniness to the world.

Semolina Porridge With Lumps. When "Semolina Porridge" got into third compilation, Yellowhead began to wonder, why there's no interest shown in his other tracks. Sasha Pavlova suggested creating a composition that would become a response to publishers who ignore the amplitude of his creativity. Inspired by this idea, Yellowhead cooked new portion of semolina filled with lumps, a special dish with surprise for compilation makers. However, the author claims that lumps are tasty too.


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