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Tainyi hod fishki

Various artists - Tainyi hod fishki

acid jazz, lounge, light techno

16 tracks
Total time: 61:14

This is the first 56 STUFF music compilation. It includes tracks by artists who are in our union since its very beginning. They are Strike, Booka Dehuck, Few, Stinky band and Yellowhead.
The compositions selected for the album are less experimental, but simpler and clearer for the general public. Among the compilation’s 16 tracks, 11 of them have never been released before. Therefore, this is new and exclusive material.

Strike is represented by four compositions, including the artists’s big hit “OTSTOK” as well as new tracks – “Out” and “Square”. All material has peculiar to Strike hip-hop and easy listening stylistics.

Booka Dehuck’s early works became the real adornment of the compilation. The experimental sounds of “Where Is My Head” and “Igrushki”, the lulling noise of a train in “Alien’s Trick” and the din of a mashing machine in “Turtle’s Death” cannot keep listeners indifferent.

The compilation contains only two of Few’s tracks, both from his album “Vantuz” – “La metro” and “Song About Love”. These tracks mark the beginning of an acid-jazz period in Few’s work. Unfortunately, Few was hit with fresh ideas for new work after “Tayniy Hod Fishki” was compiled.

The composition ?8 is a unique one – Stinky, whose last work was recorded in distant 1998, rejoices listeners again. However, due to its experimentality, the band couldn’t appear on the compilation without necessary editing. That’s why they united with Yellowhead for “Tayniy Hod Fishki”.

Yellowhead opened his mouth and tried to say something (“Damba”); he also presented one track from the “Derevo” album (“M.K.N.”), mocked at music of 20’s and 30’s (“Mannaya Kasha”) and made a soundtrack for a non-existent movie (“Filmless Soundtrack”).

Despite the difference in the music styles of 56 STUFF artists, the compilation in the compiler’s opinion turned out to be rather even. The final word rests with listeners, of course. The list of tracks is found below. Some of them are available for download.

1) Damba (Yellowhead
2) Square (Strike
3) Where Is My Head (Booka Dehuck
4) La Metro (Few
5) M. E. I. (Yellowhead
6) OTSTOK (Strike
7) Module 1-1 (Booka Dehuck
8) Lack of Industry (Yellowhead & Stinky
9) Igrushki (Booka Dehuck
10) Song About Love (Few
11) Semolina Porridge (Yellowhead
12) Porno (Strike
13) Alien's Trick (Booka Dehuck
14) Out (Strike
15) Filmless soundtrack (Yellowhead
16) Turtle's Death (Booka Dehuck


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 various artists - tainyi hod fishki 

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